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Santiago in Chile, between the sky and the mountain

A land of poets, the Chilean capital promises a striking change of scenery at the foot of the Andes. During your stay in Santiago de Chile, discover one of the most modern and the most open capitals in Latin America, at the cross-section of European and South American cultures.

A flight to Santiago submerges you the birthplace of the South American poetry, with representatives as acclaimed as Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral or Nicamor Parra. It has to be said that walking the streets of Santiago is constantly beguiling, from the historic down-town district of bohemian and cultural Bellavista, where art seems to appear everywhere, on the walls of houses to street shows…

Santiago de Chile, where over a third of Chileans live, was built in the middle of the mountains, a shame in a country that has so many coastline! The economic hub of the country, it is a dynamic, modern and intoxicating city. Getting around is made possible by an efficient metro and bus network. Strolling through the many parks, near the Mapocho River, is an ideal way to relax between two tourist visits. As for the Plaza de Armas, lovers of culture and history will have a choice! Visit the National Historical Museum, then move on to the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art captures a part of the soul of this proud and rebellious country. But between the two museums, take a look around: the streets of Santiago are filled with activity, art and amazing moments… Watch a game of chess in a park, or admire the murals outdoors at the open-air museum in San Miguel to clear your mind.

Book a flight to Santiago to discover a captivating city, enhanced by the kind nature of Chileans, always ready to show you the best bits of life in Chile, over a drink or a cultural show.