Security policy and data confidentiality

Whenever personal data is collected, Air France endeavours to include a link to these general conditions. We reserve the right to modify the general conditions, so we advise you to consult them regularly.

Data security

Securing transactions:
We offer you a secured online payment system using the latest technology in data protection, including the SSL data transfer protocol. The SSL server software uses algorithms to encode (or "encrypt") the data that you enter (bank account, address, etc) before it is sent over the Internet. Once encoded, the data remains scrambled during transmission on the Web and can only be read by our server using a unique decoding key. The data is encoded using the SSL security keys 3.0 RC4, RSA 128 bits - 512-bit exchange: the version of the SSL protocol that currently offers the highest level of security, so you can be sure of purchasing your ticket in complete confidentiality and safety.
General recommendations:
When you create an account, you choose an identifier and a password, which you will have to enter if you want to change your account data. Your profile and data are protected by a password so that you, and you alone, have access to this personal data. We advise you not to divulge it to anyone. You are entirely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your password and/or any data concerning your profile.
Also, you must not forget to disconnect from your profile and to close the window of your browser at the end of the session, especially if you share a computer with other people. This will avoid other users accessing your personal data.

Protection of privacy and personal data

Air France´s Internet computer system is registered with the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté – National Data Protection Agency), a French body that guarantees privacy, with certificate number 661 129 version 1.
In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978, amended in relation to Information Technology, files and freedoms (Articles 39 and 40), the user may exercise his/her right of access, rectification and objection with regard to the personal data of the interested party.
Deletion of personal data may be requested by sending an e-mail to the following address:
Law no. 78/17 of 6 January 1978, amended in relation to Information Technology, files and freedoms, may be consulted and downloaded from the site
Personal data gathered on the Air France site
Air France gathers several types of data through its various online services. Air France undertakes to protect personal data provided by users and to respect their confidentiality. Users retain constant and complete control over their personal data. If users delete their profile, they will no longer have access to the online computer services available through entering the respective logins and passwords.
The choices made by users and the information saved on the site enable the company to get to better know its customers and to better satisfy their requirements.
Information requested on the site may be:
  • personal data (civil status, surname, first name, date of birth, postal address, telephone),
  • delivery address, if necessary,
  • e-mail address (personal or business) used for receiving booking confirmations, exchanging correspondence and subscriptions to a service, receiving lost or forgotten passwords and logins, etc.
  • passport number and nationality,
  • favourite links on the Air France site,
  • preferences relating to the method of collecting tickets purchased online (Note: data relating to payments, such as type, validity, credit card number and surname/first name of the cardholder is not retained in files),
  • travel preferences (favourite destinations, departure airport most used).
The following general data is also retained:
  • history of bookings and purchases made, site pages visited and the type of browser used,
  • correspondence via e-mail: the content of e-mails sent, the e-mail address of the user and the responses received.
Processing of data
The information gathered may be used, on various media, for promotional, commercial or information purposes, solely by Air France or by one of its subsidiaries.Air France reserves the right to use this data for carrying out any kind of investigation aimed at improving its services.
In exceptional circumstances, Air France may be legally induced to divulge confidential information if such a measure is necessary for identifying, contacting or taking legal action against anyone who may cause loss or damage, whether intentionally or not:
  • to Air France´s rights or property,
  • to other users of the Air France site,
  • to any other person that may be adversely affected by such activity.
Thus, the divulging of personal data may take place on an exceptional basis if Air France is legally required to communicate it (following legal action, for example).
To guarantee air security and the protection of national territory, some countries have adopted regulations that require international airline companies to provide, in full or in part, data relating to passengers.
The transfer of data takes place independently of the point of sale or booking system. Companies that do not fulfil the requirements of destination countries incur heavy penalties.
Legal obligations
In accordance with current French and European laws, Air France´s privacy policy aims to ensure the protection and confidentiality of its customers´ personal data.
Some of this data is required in order to allow booking and the drawing up of the contract of carriage. Customers may exercise their rights under the current laws and object to the transmission of this data. However, such action may lead to cancellation of the journey or not being able to make use of some of the services requested (special meals, for example)
Air France believes it necessary to inform its customers that some personal data communicated by them at the time of the booking will be sent to the authorities in the country of destination.
Air France, whose privacy policy, in accordance with current French and European laws, aims to ensure the protection and confidentiality of its customers´ personal data, believes it necessary to inform you that some of this data is required in order to allow booking and the drawing up of the contract of carriage, and that, as a result, use of their right of objection under Article 26 of law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to Information Technology, files and freedoms, may lead to cancellation of the journey or some of the services requested.
Protecting personal data processing in accordance with the law applicable within the territory of the Italian state
In accordance with Art. 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003 (Privacy Code regarding for the processing of personal data), we must inform you that personal data will be processed by Société AIR FRANCE SA, which has a permanent place of business in Italy at Via Sardegna no. 40, Rome. In particular, we must inform you that:
(i) "owner" means: the individual, legal person, public administration or any other organization, association or institution with responsibility even or with other owners, the decisions regarding the purposes and methods of treatment personal data and the tools used, including aspects of security;
for "responsible" means: the individual, legal person, public administration or any other institution, association or organization appointed by the owner to the processing of personal data;
for "in charge" means: an individual authorized to perform processing operations by the owner or responsible;
(ii) the processing undergone by all personal data requested and acquired when a relationship with Air France is established via Call Center and as this progresses, will be carried out in accordance with legislative decree no. 196/2003, and will be instrumental in the management of relations between us, as well as, in general, for the fulfillment of all obligations laid down by the law, regulations and community legislation;
(iii) the provision of personal data is required for the establishment and progression of a relationship in connection with all of the services from Call Center we offer . Any refusal on your part of a request to provide data may make it impossible to use the services we offer;
(iv) the processing of personal data is carried out using computer tools, with software strictly for this purpose, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data;
(v) the processing of personal data, while respecting the legislative Decree No 196/2003 and following changes and additions, may be made in a country outside the European Union;
(vi,) data provided by you will be made known to individuals responsible for this processing who, within the framework of our structure, are our employees, in charge of processing bookings and ticket issuance as well as external Responsibles and people in charge nominated by the Company. The complete list may be appointed outside of the treatment can be found on the site;
(vii) data provided by you may be communicated to Air France offices in countries other than Italy, just as it may be sent to the authorities in the country of destination. We would like to state that this communication is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract of carriage;
(viii) in accordance with Art. 7 of legislative decree no. 196/2003, you may exercise your related rights, including consulting, amending and deleting your data, or objecting to its use, by contacting our company.
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