Gastronomic journey

When an Air France chef tries to revive childhood memories at his guests.
Far from their family and their homeland, will the guests find the flavors of family festive dishes?

Three influencers
Three recipes

RAIANA CARDOSO Fashion and lifestyle influencer
DORIAN GUO Lifestyle influencer & decorator artist
JAY SWANSON Lifestyle influencer

FAROFA de Raiana
by Chef François Adamski

Raiana Cardoso is from Sao Paulo and has lived in Paris for one year.
To recover the taste of a farofa is like reducing the distance between Brazil and France, and to bring Raiana closer to her family which is thousands of kilometers away.

by Chef François Adamski

Dorian Guo was born in Lingshui, China, and has lived in Paris for 10 years.

The squirrel fish has this tremendous power to rekindle the lost sensations of his childhood and the memory of his parents. Although he has eaten several times during his travels, he has never found the same flavor.

by Chef François Adamski

Jay Swanson comes from Seattle and has been living in Paris for 5 years.

On festive nights, Jay's grandmother spent hours in her kitchen preparing her delicious stuffed turkey. This memory of childhood, only a recipe faithful to the original can bring it back.

THE SERVAIR Chef for Air France -
François Adamski

François Adamski is a Michelin-starred chef from northern France. Thanks to his exigency, his technique and his talent, he receives in 2001 the Bocuse d'Or. In 2007, he became Meilleur Ouvrier de France followed by his first Michelin star in 2009 and will become one of Air France´s signature chefs in the years to come. He is today a Corporate Chef Servair.

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