Book a flight

The price of your ticket breaks down into:
- price of the trip
- taxes and carrier surcharge
- booking fees

Booking fees are costs related to the distribution of a ticket. They are applied to each ticket and for all travelers except infants under 2 years old. They are non-refundable.

Booking fees may vary according to where the sale takes place. Fees are non-refundable in case of modification or cancellation of your ticket. The following table shows applicable booking fees in Italy (amounts are shown in Euros per ticket):
Place of purchase Ticket purchased
Ticket purchased
by telephone
Ticket purchased
at an Air France
travel agency
Booking fees 0 € 20 € 25 €
Please note: travel agencies set and apply their own booking fees for the sale of Air France tickets. These fees may therefore vary depending on the travel agency.

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