Travel Insurance

The "Assistance & Baggage" option

With this option, you will benefit from the following coverage throughout your trip:
Health coverage
In case of illness or accident, you enjoy worldwide coverage that includes:
  • repatriation assistance if your condition requires your return to italy for treatment,
  • medical and hospitalization charges up to 150,000 € if your condition allows for on-site treatment,
  • search and/or rescue charges,
  • early return assistance.

Baggage insurance
If your baggage is lost or stolen, you will be compensated up to 800 €.

How do I subscribe?

Remember to purchase your Assistance & Baggage insurance when booking your ticket online.

Allianz Global Assistance, the travel insurance specialist

Allianz Global Assistance and Air France have a shared passion for customer satisfaction.
Allianz Global Assistance at a glance:
  • 33 operational centers on 5 continents, a network of over 400,000 service providers around the world
  • 2 areas of expertise: travel insurance and health insurance
  • Intervention around the world, without exception, to provide a 24/7 service to its policy holders

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