White night in Porto

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White night in Porto

In the span of a few years, Porto has become THE place to party! Here are a few hot tips to enjoy the Portuense nightlife!

Your evening should start at the Aduela Taverna-Bar. Order strawberry sangria to be enjoyed under the olive tree marking the street corner, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In case you feel peckish, indulge in a few typically Portuguese snacks. A little bit further, head to Pausa Bar to sip on a cocktail, comfortably seated on one of the sofas of this trendy spot. Check the time: the night is still young, so there's no reason to panic. The Maus Hábitos is a mere ten minutes away by foot. There, you'll discover new events every night. A perfect place to release all your energy, a drink in hand – in moderation! – and electricity in the air!

Aduela Taverna-Bar
Rua Oliveiras 36
Porto 4050-448

+351 22 208 4398

Maus Hábitos
Rua Passos Manuel 178, 4° Piso
4000-382 Porto

+351 93 720 2918


Menu: between 10 and 15 EUR