Vícios de Mesa, work yourself up into a… pizza

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Vícios de Mesa, work yourself up into a… pizza

After enjoying an exhibition at the Maus Hábitos, one of Porto's hippest cultural centres, take a seat at the 4th-floor pizzeria.

The building may look a bit old and passé, but make no mistake: this 1950s looking car garage hides a modern cultural centre. Here you will find modern design and programming of concerts, exhibitions and high-end installations. Wander around this magical place and discover room after room of artistic wonders.
Once you have gone around, go up to the Vícios de Mesa, a pizzeria offering vegetarian options tucked away on the 4th floor. Delicious pizzas and - added bonus - a city view! We paid homage and tried the Madonna pizza with spinach, caramelised onions, black olives and arugula. It is as savoury as one of the star's songs. Save a little room for homemade desserts. After your meal, enjoy a nightcap on the outdoor terrace serving perfect cocktails. Our favourite on the list: the Caipirinha!

Vícios de Mesa
Rue Passos Manuel 178
4000-382 Porto

+351 93 720 2918


Menu: around 14 EUR