Venturing into the Scandola Nature Reserve

Venturing into the Scandola Nature Reserve

A mountainous peninsula accessible only by sea, Scandola is simply sublime. With dizzying peaks, inaccessible islets, and numerous caves, the diversity of the landscape is immense.

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this enclave, with its rich maritime domain, is nothing short of dazzling. Beyond the marine areas, nature flourishes as though we were still in Eden and plenty of varieties also serve as references in the Mediterranean.

Beautiful species of birds may be seen, and possibly dolphins as well, as the reserve is at a crossroads for marine-mammal migration. The charming port of Girolata, with its small restaurants, can serve as a starting point for shore excursions to Scandola. A beautiful Genoese tower will draw your eye, which is accessible, with good walking shoes, in a couple of hours.

In summer, the village attracts many tourists, but it keeps its charm and the magnificence of the reserve will help you forget such details.

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