The two faces of Lake Paranoá

The two faces of Lake Paranoá

Lake Paranoá is not only a supply of water that brings moisture to a very dry area, but also a great and popular place for relaxation and recreation.

Brasília is bordered by Lake Paranoá, a 40-square-kilometre artificial body of water (containing 500 million cubic metres of water) created at the same time as Brasília, in order to clear the air and bring a little moisture to a very dry region in winter.

The famous Juscelino Kubitscheck Bridge crosses its southern part. With a nearly 100-kilometre perimeter, the lake has a variety of wildlife: herons, Brazilian teals, eagles, otters, capybaras, opossums, muskrats, black marmosets, and spectacled caimans who prefer to frequent the deep waters and dense vegetation.

With its recreational fishing (tilapia, tucanaré, Lambari, Traíra, carp…), water sports (windsurfing, paddle-boarding, kite-surfing…), boat tours, and a rich nightlife, there are many good reasons to go to Lake Paranoá. Though you'll never be alone: ​​taxis arrive with tourists, families, and romantic couples in successive waves, at any time of day or night. It is one of the most popular places in the capital.