The Petit Jardin Bistro: the charms of bistronomy

The Petit Jardin Bistro: the charms of bistronomy

Dusting off traditional French food, bistronomy brought a breath of freedom and simplicity to bistro food, making it more affordable and lighter.

Tired of convoluted and pretentious cuisine? Make your way to the Petit Jardin, and return to a simpler, more immediate, and especially more authentic cooking. The chef prepares frank bistro cuisine that is generous and delicious right before your eyes. And since nothing beats mixing genres, the sacrosanct French culinary tradition rubs shoulders here (without offending) with inspirations from elsewhere. This is normal after all, as we're in the south on the shores of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of cultural influences.
You might therefore hesitate between a Thai red curry hake, clams in saffron, creamy risotto with herbs or even confit beef cheeks, served with rigatoni.
Indulgence and simplicity are both present in this well-known meeting place, which you may have trouble leaving, especially on a soft summer evening when you dine on the patio under century-old trees lit with lanterns.

Le Petit Jardin
20, rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau
Quartier de l'Écusson
34000 Montpellier

+33 0(4) 67 60 78 78

Menu: from 38 EUR