The masterpieces of the National Palace Museum

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The masterpieces of the National Palace Museum

Discover the historical collections from the former Imperial Palace of Beijing's Forbidden City.

The epic adventure behind the museum tells the story of a nation, shaped by Communist China, Japan's invasion and the birth of the Republic of Taiwan. Inaugurated in 1964, it gathers invaluable collections from various Chinese palaces, including some from the Forbidden City. Its architecture is based on ancient imperial buildings. There, you can admire works from the four main Chinese dynasties: Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing.
Particularly famous for the jade and ceramic collections, the museum also offers an enlightening archaeological section, with items going as far back as the Chinese Bronze age. Take a walk in the gorgeous parks, arranged in the 1980s in accordance with the standard practices of traditional gardens, or simply shelter in the shade of the pavilions. Open 7 days a week, the museum sets up late-night tours each Friday and Saturday. A perfect opportunity to have dinner in the excellent Silks Palace, showcasing contemporary architecture.

National Palace Museum
N° 221, Chih-Shan Road
Section 2
Shilin District

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