The madrasa, marvel of Arab and Andalusian architecture

The madrasa, marvel of Arab and Andalusian architecture

The word madrasa refers to a Koranic school. Built in the 16th century, the madrasa of Marrakech is the most sumptuous of its time. It is absolutely worth a visit.

You have to imagine the Ben Youssef madrasa in its prime. A name that travelled the world well beyond the frontiers of the Kingdom, with almost a thousand knowledge-hungry students being taught in its midst. However, lessons were taking place in the Ben Youssef mosque nearby, not in the main building, which was used as a sort of campus. Nowadays, it is possible to visit the rooms, notably those on the first floor, the windows of which give onto the madrasa's little courtyards. They are testimonies of the student life of the era. With a maximum size of 9 square metres for up to four classmates, their bareness is in stark contrast with the richness and refinement of the patio and the prayer rooms. Closed in 1960, the building was completely renovated to restore its former splendour and allow visitors to discover the site in the best possible manner.

Ben Youssef Madrasa
Place Ben Youssef
40000 Marrakech

+212 524 44 18 93