The exquisite humility of El Fogón de Trifón

The exquisite humility of El Fogón de Trifón

The small bistro El Fogón de Trifón, one of the best restaurants in Madrid, revisits popular market cuisine.

This truly epicurean lair actually has two faces. On the one hand, it is wine bar, authentic and very popular, and on the other—or rather, at the back, in the small room it is one of the very best restaurants in Madrid.

In the latter, you are asked to taste market cuisine both popular and delicate, enhanced by an excellent wine list, with bottles ranging from 18 to 22 euros, including the delicious Álvaro Palacios, made from old-growth Grenache and Samsó in Gratallops.

Try everything: black pudding croquettes, oxtail stew, squid with sweet onions, stewed rooster, and peppers stuffed with salt cod. Jorge Esteban, trained by one of the best chefs in Galicia, Manuel Tabares (Villa de Foz), is becoming a big name in town. In fact, a very big name!

El Fogón de Trifón
Calle de Ayala, 144
28006 Madrid

+34 914 023 794

Menu: around 50 EUR