Stroll down Rainbow Street

Stroll down Rainbow Street

To the west of Lower Town, in the Jabal Amman, is Rainbow Street, a lively spot filled with art galleries, trendy restaurants, and shops.

A stunning blend of tradition and modernity animates this chic district of the capital. This is where the royal family and the bourgeoisie live, in sumptuous white and pink stone residences. Buildings were erected after the devastating earthquake of 1927 on the site of ancient Circassian wooden houses. Each has its history and its famous resident. At night, the citizens of Amman like to meet and hang out in the trendy cafés and restaurants lining the street. During the day, the same energy can be felt in the busy craft shops. Bani Hamida is the seat of the Jordan River Foundation, which defends Bedouin crafts. Here you will find sublime kilims and curtains and cushions made by women from the Makawir region. The fabrics are somewhat pricey, but of exceptional quality. As you will soon see, this is the street for shopping, preferably on foot.

Bani Hamida house
Jordan River Foundation
Masoud Ben Saad Street

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