Stopover at one of the best organic chocolate shops in the city

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Stopover at one of the best organic chocolate shops in the city<br />

Theo Chocolate reveals all of its preparation secrets and takes you away to its creative foodie workshop for even more magic!

Welcome to the first all-organic chocolate factory in the United States. Located in the Fremont neighbourhood, this old red brick factory is home to a wonderful local initiative. The owners have chosen to produce chocolate exclusively from organic farming, by selecting fair trade beans and monitoring the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.
To find the factory, it couldn't be simpler: let yourself be guided by the delicious scent. Once inside the building, you will begin a one-hour tour with an introduction to the process of creating chocolate, while enjoying a variety of flavours. Raspberry, ginger, caramel… There is something for everyone's taste! Continue your epic journey through the impressive machine room before moving into the confection kitchen, where flavours are blended. For the biggest chocolate lovers, don't hesitate to wander around the shop and bring back some souvenirs!

Theo Chocolate
3400 Phinney Avenue N
98103 Seattle

+1 206 632 5100