Sala de Despiece, a hip butcher

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Sala de Despiece, a hip butcher

‘Sala de despiece' means, literally, the cutting room. This restaurant, acclaimed for its top ingredients, is also an old-style butcher.

On the ceiling, a colourful checkerboard and metal rails decorated with butcher hooks. Yet, gourmets will only have eyes for the menu. The handwritten, always-changing menu features the freshest products: thick prime rib, iridescent prawns, creamy burrata, and beef tomatoes share the limelight. Whether the beef is raw, served as ceviche, or cooked a la plancha ‘a la chalaca' as in Peru, preparations are meticulous, and ingredients carefully chosen to delight gourmets. The exact weight of the portions of beef are written down, just like in the old days. And, the restaurant doesn't do anything by halves: you eat on red and white butcher paper. The taste of authenticity in a trendy setting.

Sala de Despiece
Calle de Ponzano, 11
28010 Madrid

+34 917 52 61 06

Menu: around 12 EUR