Return to childhood at Alice in a Labyrinth

Return to childhood at Alice in a Labyrinth

While in the Ginza district, try this amazing Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant.

Your heart will hesitate between the seven Alice's Fantasy Restaurants in the city. Opt for the one in the Ginza district, Alice in a Labyrinth, undoubtedly the best option.
On the 5th floor of the Taiyo Building, enter the enchanted world of famous Alice. Servers all wear a costume, an effigy of one of the characters, such as the heroine or the Mad Hatter, and wander under the dim lighting, with colourful decor in shades of pink and purple. There is nothing better for setting the mood. Discover your menu with amusement. It displays several small cartoons to help you better understand the dishes and menus. Pizza, sushi, soups… enjoy truly artistic creations. Dishes also take the shape of main characters from Lewis Carroll's novel such as Alice, the Cat, Caterpillar and Rabbit, interpreting the classics of Japanese cuisine. A piece of advice: being a victim of its success, we recommend booking in advance.

Alice in a Labyrinth
8 Chome-8
104-0061 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 3574 6980

Menu: from 5,000 JPY