Relaxing break at the Beitou hot springs

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Relaxing break at the Beitou hot springs

About 30 minutes from Taipei, immerse yourself in the heart of nature in the hot spring tradition.

South of Taipei, you'll discover the Beitou Valley, where hot springs of volcanic origin run, full of trace elements. Their soothing properties have made them famous all over Asia. Under the Japanese occupation, the place had been transformed into a public bath, and traditions have since been kept in either luxury hotels or more modest public structures.
Start your excursion by visiting the Beitou Hot Spring Museum that used to house the baths built in 1913, which superb architecture of Victorian inspiration you can admire.
Give a try to the typical experience of a public bath at Millennium Hot Spring, at once the cheapest and the most traditional, located in the museum. Carry on with Plum Garden, house of renowned calligrapher Yu Youren, who is considered as one of the true masters of this art celebrated everywhere around China. Lastly, do not miss the valley's numerous natural sites, especially the hot water craters and their endless vapours.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum
Millennium Hot Spring
N° 112, Beitou District

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