Nomad, authenticity perched up high

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Nomad, authenticity perched up high

Only a few steps away from the famous place des Épices, the Nomad restaurant brings you authentic cuisine and local produce.

As you take in the vibrant colours and enchanting scents of Rahba Lakdima, make time to rise above. The Nomad restaurant overlooks the busy souks and welcomes you to its sun drenched terrace all year round. Whether you're looking for a feast, a drink, or light snack, come taste the delicate Moroccan delights and discover a wide array of subtle spices.
Since 2014, the restaurant has been inviting chefs from around the world to cook local produce and herbs from nearby markets. A rich exchange of ideas and inspiration that could start a culinary “new wave” in Moroccan cuisine. From lamb tagine, zucchini and feta fritters, to cumin and ginger calamari from Agadir, you'll enjoy a delicious meal in this perched hideaway.

1 Derb Aarjan
40000 Marrakech

+212 524 38 16 09

Menu: around 150 MAD