Nature strolls in Yangmingshan Park

Nature strolls in Yangmingshan Park

North of Taipei, take a stroll among beautiful landscapes sculpted by volcanoes.

Listed as a national nature reserve and easily accessible from Taipei, Yangmingshan is a perfect getaway for a day. Various sites and trails have been set up so as to visit in peace. Exceptional fauna and flora will surely win you over and you will meet monkey species, birds of all kinds and reptiles too.
Hot springs have shaped the landscape where sulphur-covered rocks look bright yellow. You can even swim in some of them that have remained untouched. Unless you'd rather take a bath in one of the private structures you will find along the way. One of the most photogenic spots can be found on the Banyan site, as the lovely waterfalls give it an absolutely enchanting feel.
Nature lovers will love Yangmingshan, whatever the season. However, Spring remains a favoured time of year, as cherry trees blossom and dress the valleys in multicoloured hues.