Monastero dei Benedettini, history and knowledge

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Monastero dei Benedettini, history and knowledge

Second largest monastery in Europe after Mafra in Portugal, the Monastero dei Benedettini has now been converted into a university. It retains the splendours of its past.

History put its stamp on every stone of this impressive structure of 100,000 sqm. As it was devastated by the 1693 earthquake, the greatest Italian architects of the time were called upon to help rebuilt the monastery according to the guidelines of Sicilian Baroque's golden age. It became the department of Humanities of the University of Catania in 1977, and the magic and poetry of the place have endured.
Drool over the 270,000 books, manuscripts, parchments, herbariums and rare volumes, all preciously preserved in the five reading rooms – including the beautiful Vaccarini Hall. Walk around the chapel with wonder, use the monumental grand staircase, cross the refectory, the remains of Roman houses underground, and finally the flowered cloister. Do not miss a guided tour to better grasp what this monastery was like in its glory days.

Monastero dei Benedettini
Piazza Dante Alighieri, 32
95124 Catania

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