Le Corsaire: kitchen of a fisherman

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Le Corsaire: kitchen of a fisherman

Fish, more fish, and only fish! Nothing really surprising since this little restaurant belongs to a fisherman.

In the heart of Sidi el-Houari and close to the fishery, this is one of Oran's most notorious restaurants. The owner, Mister Nacer, will never be found at fault regarding the quality of the fish he serves. Le Corsaire is known and renowned for the quality of the menu.
Speaking of which, you will find fish soups, crustacean boureks (rolled brik pastry sheet specialties), red mullet, swordfish, and calamari with cuttlefish ink sauce… Last but not least, the Algerian main specialties: stuffed sardines and the inescapable paella, more present than couscous on restaurant menus, probably due to the Spanish influence…

Le Corsaire
9, place de la République Sidi El-Houari
Boulevard de l'A.L.N
31000 Oran

+213 41 39 31 20

Menu: around 700 DZD