La Part des Anges: paradise in a bottle

La Part des Anges: paradise in a bottle

A poetic name, wines that would make the whitest Champagnes turn pale, in a cellar that typifies conviviality. La Part des Anges is a wine bar that is hard to resist.

La Part des Anges (the “angels' share”, or part lost to evaporation, or stolen by angels…) comes from an alchemical phrase that describes volatile substances as 'angels'. Even so, a share of the more than 300 available items means there is something for every palate. 'The selection was always oriented towards wines from organic and biodynamic agriculture' claims Olivier, the owner.

On the slate and on the fly, you may sample a good range of tapas. They're simple, fresh, and bright, like the cellar in which you can taste these dishes. Its scent reminds you in many respects of a vegetable market. A tribe of yellow, pink, and black bottles lodge in the many wooden shelves and crates that decorate the walls.

Upon leaving, certain customers glance at the cuvees: does the memory not justify the opportunity?

La Part des Anges
17, rue Gubernatis
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 62 69 80

Menu: around 12 EUR