La Désirade: a timeless journey

La Désirade: a timeless journey

Eight kilometres from Grande-Terre, this charming little island is a peaceful refuge set on turquoise waters, lined with idyllic deserted beaches.

Visited by Christopher Columbus in 1493, this island, so 'desired' by sailors after long weeks at sea, was named on the spot. Wild and not very touristy, La Désirade is 11 kilometres long and two kilometres wide. One west-to-east road crosses the villages of Galets, Beausejour, Souffleur, and Mahault Bay, all located on the south coast of the island, which is lined with remarkable white sandy beaches.

The best is undoubtedly that of the Souffleur, which is also the favourite of the whales that come to bask there from January to March. The scenery changes on the north coast, which is uninhabited and fairly inaccessible. There, steep cliffs lashed by waves offer an eventful show with indomitable landscapes for savvy hikers. A perfect example is the Pointe Doublé, which looks practically Irish, or the solitary peak of the Grand-Abaque, to the northwest.

Offshore, the Petite-Terre Nature Reserve attached to La Désirade awaits apprentice Robinson Crusoes.

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