Into Wistaria Tea House's history

Into Wistaria Tea House's history

Either for tasting or traditional dinner in a lovely historical pavilion, enjoy an outstanding selection of tea.

A paved alley in the shade, a stone pond where koi fishes swim and a climbing wistaria set the scene of this old 1920s mansion. This gorgeous tea room is filled with a bright and soft atmosphere, thanks to its high picture windows and wicker furniture. You are welcomed in a first area for tea tasting, served with Phoenix rice cakes or almond pastries.
In the second room, you will have the possibility to have lunch or dinner sitting intimately on a tatami, separated from the other guests by rice paper walls. On the menu, you will find a delicious tofu dish and a delicate fish steamed in jasmine and served with soft rice. Take a walk by the shop and get some Oolong tea to go, or maybe some teaware to remember this timeless moment was real.

Wistaria Tea House
N° 1, Lane 16 Hsin Sheng South Road
Section 3

+886 2 2363 7375

Menu: about 1,000 TWD