Intercontinental Grand Hotel: the Nobel residence

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Intercontinental Grand Hotel: the Nobel residence

This is truly royal! And, that's not just a play on words, since this hotel is the ‘official' palace of Stockholm.

Royal families, heads of state on official visits, and Nobel laureates and their families always stay here. Built in the late 19th-century,the Grand Hotel has retained the spirit of classic luxury, where every detail counts, without grandstanding.

In a city that is now visited for its flagship design, the Grand Hotel has managed to keep its cachet. The bar is the meeting-place for Stockholmers, and is called Cadier, as in Jean-François Cadier, the French founder of the hotel.

Its restaurant is one of the best in the capital, thanks to its chef, Mathias Dahlgren. As for the rooms, always book those with views of the harbour. Watch the boats come and go, and imagine that tomorrow you are leaving on a long ocean crossing…

Intercontinental Grand Hotel
Södra Blasieholmshammen 8
103 27 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 679 35 00

Rooms: from 3,240 SEK