Graffiti Tour

Graffiti Tour

A fascinating trip to discover the countless works of urban art in Bogotá.

Here, the walls burst with the colours of dozens of graffiti artists. In the colonial neighbourhood of La Candelaria, many walls are decorated with graffiti, usually made with spray cans. To enable urban artists to express themselves, the National Institute of Arts and the municipality of Bogotá have allotted large wall areas to them. And the artists take advantage of every square centimetre to show off their art, which is still regarded by some as an incivility. Beyond the banal tags, real works of art adorn many walls. To discover them, there is nothing better than a first-hand tour.

A two-and-a-half-hour tour leads you into several lanes of La Candelaria, among others, to raise awareness about this form of expression. This tour also allows you to discover when looking up, the characters carved from recycled materials by Jorge Olavé. An open-air art gallery offered to tourists!

Bogotá Graffiti Tour
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