For the love of books at Kanda and Jinbōchō

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For the love of books at Kanda and Jinbōchō

In the central district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, the Kanda and Jinbōchō neighbourhoods are distinguished by the thousands of books that abound.

Many neighbourhoods in Chiyoda are a must. Among them, do not miss Kanda and Jinbōchō, nicknamed 'Book Town'. These districts are full of bookstores, antique dealers and second-hand booksellers and invite you to discover a fascinating cultural suburb, where famous universities and schools rub shoulders.

Between prints and old maps from the Edo period at the Ohya bookstore, and specialised publications of arts and civilizations at the Isseido boutique, the neighbourhoods of Kanda and Jinbōchō will be appreciated by bargain hunters and dreamers. Detective books, magazines, mangas, manuals and novels are piled up in a delicious mess for lovers of literature. Kanda is also home to one of Japan's three biggest festivals, the Kanda Matsuri, which every other year (in odd years) features mikoshis - literally 'divine palanquins', as well as Shinto tanks and priests on horseback for a breathtaking show.

Kanda Jimbocho
101-0003 Tokyo