Domaine de Biar, to reconnect with nature

luxury domain
Domaine de Biar, to reconnect with nature

Rejuvenate and take time to contemplate what beauty the earth provides.

Located a few kilometres from Montpellier, Domaine de Biar will delight nature lovers. A neglected 18th-century Montpellier ‘folie', Biar was resurrected in 2007 under the leadership of its new owner, who fell under its spell and decided to renovate it according to the rules of art.

What has been created is a true eco-lodge: all materials used come from organic construction, the domain is fully autonomous in its water management, and 20 horses have been bred on the land that encircles the domain.

Inside, the choice between the rooms, the suite, and the apartment, all beautifully refurbished, borders on agonising. The establishment's five-stars are felt as much in the management of the place as in its impeccable service. Breakfasts are prepared exclusively with products from organic farms and the Domaine's own vegetable garden. The surrounding trees, lush meadows, and horses roaming nearby offer a bucolic setting, offset by the luxurious azure-blue pool, plunging us into a sublime reverie. The Domaine de Biar is not so much a hotel as an experience.

Domaine de Biar
Chemin de Biar
34880 Lavérune

+33 (0)4 67 65 70 06

Rooms: from 149 EUR