Casa d'Aria and the colours of Sicilian life

Casa d'Aria and the colours of Sicilian life

Far from the luxury of palaces, a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the authenticity of the island.

Vibrant tones shine all around you: deep blue, golden yellow, ochre and sienna. Located by the Massimo Bellini theatre, every apartment of Casa d'Aria indeed has its own unique world, decor and colour - but they all share the same taste, warmth, character and authenticity to be found in Sicilian houses.
If, with regard to your past experiences, the codes of the hotel trade sometimes feel cold and impersonal, at Casa d'Aria though, you will feel right at home. A kind team will meet your every need and share expert advice to prepare your escapade in and out of the city: generous and attentive, they will even suggest outings or customised activities. If you did not have time to draw up a tourist profile before you left, the Casa d'Aria might well become the trump card for your stay. Sounds like real holidays, doesn't it?

Casa d'Aria
Via Pietro Antonio Coppola, 14
95131 Catania

+39 335 771 3186

Room: from 58 EUR