Brasília Digital TV Tower: Niemeyer's ultimate offering

Brasília Digital TV Tower: Niemeyer's ultimate offering

The Torre de TV Digital, also known as the ‘Cerrado Flower' is Oscar Niemeyer's last work (2012) but also the tallest in the region.

Oscar Niemeyer's last work, the tower of digital television, also known as the ‘Cerrado Flower'(2012), was reopened to the public on 12 October 2015.

Twenty kilometres away from the centre of Brasilia in the city of Sobradinho, the 182-metretower, the equivalent of a 62-storey building, offers a panoramic view of the capital. The cylindrical base, which is 12 metres in diameter, is the stem of the flower from which two glass domes develop, each with a capacity for 59 people. The first, at 60 metres, contains an open room with a model of Brasília, similar to that exhibited in the Lúcio Costa museum on Three Powers Square.

The other, 80 metres high, operates a café bar. At 110 metres, you can take advantage of the belvedere to enjoy the 360​​° panoramic view over the rooftops of the city. The space, which can hold 74 people, features large circular windows two metres in diameter. Access is free of charge.

Torre TV Digital Brasília
Lago Norte
Brasília 73252-001

+55 (0)61 9128 7654