American fare, Polynesian-style

beach restaurant
American fare, Polynesian-style

Opened in 1979, this was the first restaurant-bar on Bora Bora, with five tables on the sand. Today, it is an institution, drawing tourists from around the world.

Bloody Mary's reputation is already history. It has served its signature drink to Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Depardieu and Keanu Reeves, along with no shortage of famous athletes and singers - Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones played a concert here. Even astronauts: Buzz Aldrin once pulled up a stool at the bar, long after his first steps on the moon.

The attraction? Besides the cocktail, the local fish and seafood of the day (except on Sunday) that clients directly pick on the stall, and the traditional Polynesian construction in coconut wood and bamboo.

Bloody Mary's
5km from Vaitape
98730 Bora Bora

+689 40 67 72 86

Menu: around 3,000 XPF