Alancha, the Anatolian restaurant

Alancha, the Anatolian restaurant

The ultramodern Alancha restaurant offers gourmet enthusiasts subtle and original cuisine.

Alancha delights all visitors from Besiktas irresistibly enticed by its cuisine, leaving meal time from the European part of Turkey and heading for Anatolia, its Asian side.

The restaurant has impeccable design made of wood, with warm colours and dim lighting, providing a very cosy overall feel. On the plates is a festival of flavours: from the seven Anatolian regions, Deniz Temel, the master of the house, and other regularly invited chefs make the most by reinventing local dishes, such as seabass served with shrimp ravioli, calamari and parsley oil, mushrooms from Kastamonu prepared with spinach, the classic kebap or boza, dessert made with double roasted chickpeas and carob, vanilla vodka, bosa and cinnamon. For an unexpected gastronomic journey, head to Alancha, a crossroads of influence where the land and the sea, Asia, Greece and the Nordic countries dance merrily.

Vişnezade Mahallesi, Şht. Mehmet Sk. No: 9
34357 Beşiktaş

+90 212 261 35 35

Menu: around 100 TRY