Al Fassia, let Moroccan gastronomy whisk you away

Al Fassia, let Moroccan gastronomy whisk you away

The city's gustatory benchmark, Al Fassia, will seduce traditional cuisine lovers.

Dive into oriental cuisine, here in the heart of the Gueliz neighbourhood. This Moroccan establishment with a casual feel is probably one of the best restaurants in town. This warm and cosy restaurant invites you to discover its thousand-and-one-flavour dishes.
Refined and delicious, this all-women cuisine is full of surprises. Choose the vegetable and meat briouats or a succulent chicken pastilla to begin with, continue on to a delightful olive and crystallised lemon tagine, the restaurant's speciality. For dessert, enjoy a fresh orange and cinnamon fruit salad and if you're still hungry, pick at a few cornes de gazelle served with mint tea.

Al Fassia
55 boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni
40000 Marrakech

+212 524 43 40 60

Menu: about 230 MAD