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Departing from
Round-trip or one-way fares
Africa / Indian Ocean
Africa - Indian Ocean
Cairo 309 EUR RTN
Nairobi 406 EUR RTN
Johannesburg 456 EUR RTN
Cape Town 488 EUR RTN
New York 436 EUR RTN
Panama City 480 EUR RTN
Santiago 485 EUR RTN
Miami 488 EUR RTN
Asia / Middle East
Asia - Middle East
Bangkok 432 EUR RTN
Shanghai 435 EUR RTN
Beijing 442 EUR RTN
Tokyo 526 EUR RTN
Caribbean Islands
Havana 483 EUR RTN
Punta Cana 611 EUR RTN
London 146 EUR RTN
Madrid 152 EUR RTN
Lisbon 163 EUR RTN
Berlin 181 EUR RTN
Paris 39 EUR OW
Lyon 75 EUR OW
Paris 79 EUR RTN
Lyon 150 EUR RTN
* Fares including taxes, surcharges and service fees. Fares are subject to restrictions and to class of service availability at the time of booking. Fares indicated are valid at the time of publication and may be subject to change without prior notice.